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Information to Consumers

Please read carefully all the information related to application filing online. All the information you need is available in readily downloadable format.

General Information

Information you may need to know before applying

Documents Required

Documents Required for each type of Application

Supply Categories

Various types of Supply categories

Charges to be Paid

Charges to be paid as per TNERC norms


Timelines as per TNERC Service Standards

Application form

Application form as per TNERC norms


Step by Step procedure to Apply easily through this portal

Select the Application type

Select the type of category you need to apply

For example for 'New Service Connection', select 'Apply -> New Service Connection' from the drop-down menu above.

Select your area and Category

Select your district, Circle and Area (Section) for New Service or Enter your Service connection number for Additional / Reduction of Load

if you choose a wrong section, the application will be forwarded to the correct section depending on your area by Section officer.

Enter your premises details & Load details

Complete your address information & Load details

Select the category of Supply you need (for domestic, commercial etc). Enter wiring date, GST Number (if applicable), select phase of supply required (Single Phase / Three Phase). Fill up the requried load details. The connected load will sum up automatically and show below

Upload Required documents

The following documents are mandatory for all applicants for new service connection 1. Proof of Identity , 2. Proof of ownership or occupancy of the premises and Approved plan / building permit / Completion Certificate issued by local body / Corporation

Depending on the application filled up the required documents like Corporation tax receipt, Owner consent, Land documents etc may be needed to be uploaded. An applicant who is not an owner but an occupier of the premises/tenant, shall furnish a no objection certificate from the owner of the premises along with any of the documents listed above.

Print acknowledgement & Pay

On Completion of application and acknowledgement letter with Application reference number will be generated

Print & keep this safely for future use. Use this application reference number to make payment through our Online payment portal. Your username will be Application Reference number and Password will be your Mobile Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Queries still if any? Find your answers here!

  • How long does it take to get connection

    It depends on the load, type and location of your request. However, timelines has been stipulated for all services. Find out the timelines in Timelines section.

  • There is no need to submit any Hard copies at the local office. In case of any further documents needed, you will be informed over email and SMS. You can later upload the same in this portal using your application reference number.

  • You can pay all the demands raised in this portal through our Online payment portal ( You can use your 'Application Reference number' as username and your mobile number as Password.

  • All the demand raised during the process of your application will be intimated to you over email and SMS. Please constantly check your email and SMS to act in time.

  • Your application will not be cancelled without due reasons. It may be cancelled in case of non-payment of demand raised in time. However, in case of cancellation for valid reasons, you will get the entire eligible amount .