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Timelines for Service Connection

Timeslines as stipulated by TNERC for various types of Applications

Sl.no Category Time Schedule
1 Involving no extension or Improvement works Generally withing a week and not exceeding 30 days
2 Involving extension and Improvement but without Distribution Transformer 60 Days
3 Involving extension and Improvement with Distribution Transformer 90 days
Sl.no Category Time Schedule
1 Involving Extension & Improvement work 60 days 150 days
2 Involving the enhancement of Power Transformer/Addition of Power Transformer 120 Days 180 Days
3 Involving the Commissioning of new substation 180 Days 270 Days

Note:This Timeline also applicable for Additional Loads

In regard to Agricultural Service Connection and Hut Service Connection, directive issued by Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission from time to time on the basis of the guidance by National Electricity Policy and the policy directions by State Government, will be followed.

Temporary Supply

The intending consumers may require temporary services for construction of residential houses, complexes, commercial complexes, industrial premises and also for illumination during festivals, etc. Such temporary services will be effected as per the time schedule specified for the new and additional loads.

Change of Tariff

Change of tariff will be effected within seven days from the date of receipt of application from the consumer. However no consumer shall be permitted to change the tariff of the service connection from any Low Tension Tariff (other than agriculture) to Low Tension Tariff for agriculture.

Complaints in Billing etc

Any complaints in billing received prior to the due date for payment shall be resolved before the next billing along with refund/adjustments, if any. However, the complaints in respect of arithmetic error if any received three days prior to the due date for payment shall be set right within the due date for payment. The consumer shall not, on the plea of incorrectness, withhold any portion of the amount billed.

Transfer of Service Connection

The transfer of service connection will be effected within 7 days from the date of receipt of complete application.

Replacement of Meter

On receipt of complaints or found during inspection/meter reading, that the meter in a service connection is not correct or defective or burnt, the meter will be replaced within 30 days after collecting the charges applicable.

Shifting of Service Connection
Sl.no Description Time Schedule
1 Shifting of Meter / Service 25 Days
2 Shifting of LT / HT LinesTransformer 60 Days
3 Shifting of Transformer Structure 90 days

The above works will be carried out after remittance of charges due therefore.

Supply Restoration
Sl.no Reason for Interruption Power Restoration Time
Corporation Urban Municipalities Rural Hill Area
1 HT Supply failure 1 Hour 3 Hours 6 Hours 12 Hours
2 Fault in Transformer structure or LT line or Pillar Box 2 Hours 4 Hours 6 Hours 12 Hours
3 Fault of Distribution Transformer 24 Hours 48 Hours 48 Hours 48 Hours
4 Individual Service Connection fault 3 Hours 9 Hours 12 Hours 24 Hours

Complaints of failure/interruption at consumer premises in rural areas and urban areas other than corporation limits will be attended to between 8.00 A.M. and 6.00 P.M.


In our efforts to supply the best possible service, we often have to work on our distribution network to improve it or to connect new consumers.

This may result in interruption of your electricity supply. When such interruption is necessary, we will inform you in advance by publishing it in newspapers .

TANGEDCO - Application Portal